World's First Smartwatch for Artists

Make your artwork part of your attire with Noodoe, the smartwatch that’s a boundless canvass for self-expression.

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The Noodoe Revolution

Today, video games, movies on demand and every other screen imaginable consume all of our attention and energy.
We are intoxicated by a culture of instant gratification, and we’re slowly relinquishing our ability to think, dream and create new things using our own ideas.
At Noodoe, we want to reverse that course – starting with the watch.

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Everything to Know about Noodoe

How is Noodoe different?

When we see a smartwatch, we often think about step counters, sleep monitors, or heart rate trackers. The Apple Watch even lets you send your heartbeats to others. But, does every smartwatch really need to have so many features? What if we have a blank watch that has no features? Then, you get to infuse your ideas into it, and it becomes something that only you have. If Apple Watch were Barbie Doll that has everything done for you, then this blank watch would be LEGO, a limitless canvas for your own imagination.

Is Noodoe a smartwatch?

Yes, it is. But, Noodoe is not just another smartwatch. Where others use technology to create features that have yet to prove their usefulness on a wrist, Noodoe uses technology to create the most sublime, boundless and yet subtle canvas for self-expression using one’s own unique ideas.

Where can I buy my Noodoe?

You can order it here.

Seriously, do I really get a “blank canvas”?

Yes, out of the box you have a blank watch with no default contents, not unlike when you open a box of LEGO blocks. You are invited to rediscover your childhood imagination and reinvent a new way to express your time. When you infuse your ideas into your Noodoe Watch, you wear something that only you have. Every Noodoe in the world becomes one-of-a-kind.

How do I design my own Noodoe?

Download the free Noodoe app from Google Play store or Apple App store. You can begin to enjoy the creative experience right away. See how it works here.

Where can I download Noodoe app?

Noodoe app is available for download from Google Play store and Apple App store.

How easy is it to design my own Noodoe?

Noodoe empowers you to turn inspiration into reality. Expressing yourself with the watch using your ideas does not require programming. Simply download Noodoe app, doodle on a piece of paper, and then use the camera brush feature to transform your doodle into a representation of time on Noodoe Watch. The result: Your idea is brought to life as the seconds, minutes and hours tic on by. For instance, if you are passionate about gardening, you can get the time from a doodle of that favorite tree of yours. The time shown on your Noodoe Watch is brought to life as your tree grows from a seed in the ground to its full height.

How far can I take it in my quest to “reinvent time”?

There are no limits, similar to LEGO, you can go as far as your imagination takes you. Think about this. Does time always have to be 1 to 12? Does it have to be constrained to the long and short hands? We want to invite you to imagine a new form of time – your time.

Can I see what others have created to get some ideas?

Yes, follow DoodleYourNoodoe on Instagram.

How about any inspiration from Noodoe?

Yes, follow DoodleYourNoodoe on Facebook.

Can I share my designs with other like-minded creators?

Creativity and self-expression is that much richer as a social experience. With Noodoe app you can effortlessly share your creations with an online community of awesome Noodoe designers and draw inspiration for your next masterpiece. After all, great designs are worth sharing with others.

Can I design my Noodoe before I get my Noodoe?

Yes, the Noodoe app is free and already available on Google Play store and Apple App store. Even without the watch, Noodoe app is hours of fun where you can rediscover your own inner creativity. Be careful though; imagination is highly addictive! Try yourself.

What kind of statement can I make with Noodoe Watch?

Well, with Noodoe Watch, you wear something that only you have. You make your personal statement on your watch, created only by you. You can create a design that reflects your likes, your passions, the causes you support, the things you care about. Or, you can take inspiration from the things around you and come up with a cool design. You can show off and tell others about your designs. For independent thinkers Noodoe is wristwear for self-expression using one’s own ideas. Human creativity takes center stage on a Noodoe Watch.

What about the Apple Watch though, surely that makes more of a statement?

Wearing the Apple Watch is viewed as a status symbol by many. It is one of the latest and best gadgets, and is in a form that is relatively new and extremely hyped. It is about showing that you have one, too. Then, there is Noodoe – a smartwatch that is simple and unobtrusive. The Noodoe philosophy is about being unique and creating something that you want and that only you have.

No really, how does Noodoe Watch compare to Apple Watch?

Apple Watch makes everything perfect for you and you are to accept what it allows, whereas with Noodoe Watch you can paint every pixel on your own watch to create personal wristwear that no one has seen before. Noodoe is ushering in a new era in self-expression. The watch takes on a whole new meaning when its soul is your own creation. We see Noodoe as the most personal watch that you will own. Get yours now.

What about Swatch, Swatch is also about self-expression, right? So, how does Noodoe Watch compare?

With traditional watches and jewelry, self-expression means picking and choosing from what is commercially available. Noodoe takes this fundamental human aspiration to express oneself to a whole new level – the empowerment of self-expression using one’s own ideas. Noodoe goes far beyond merely choosing from what’s available on the market. Every Noodoe in the world is one-of-a-kind.

Why does Noodoe’s design exude such extreme simplicity?

In sharp contrast to the exquisite look of Apple Watch, we believe that Noodoe Watch should be the least important part of the equation for self-expression – your idea should take center stage. Hence, Noodoe Watch is simple, and has an understated presence.

What is Lumina Skin?

We created a new type of invisible display called Lumina Skin. There is no display to be seen; the pixels shine only when you want them to shine, and otherwise extinguish themselves quietly, blending seamlessly into the background. It provides an inconspicuous stage that has only one purpose – to spotlight your creation.

What is Motion Magic?

Noodoe Watch features a motion-centric, one-handed UI paradigm. With only one hand — and no touch — you can use the motion of your wrist to navigate through the screens of your Noodoe Watch. When your phone rings, flipping your wrist upside-down silences your phone. See how it works here.

Why does Noodoe use motion control?

Most smartwatches today have adopted UI designs from the smartphone era – touch control. We’ve left the past in the past. You interact with Noodoe Watch through intuitive Motion Magic. There are no buttons and there’s no need to touch. A flick or a flip is all it takes to move through your watch screens or change selections. This is the natural way to use your watch. Motion Magic really excels in moments like when you’re in the midst of creation, cooking, driving, or riding a bike and it really isn’t the moment to fiddle around with your ringing phone. Well, with Noodoe Watch you can silence your call with a simple hand flip.

Does Noodoe show incoming phone calls and notifications from apps?

Yes, here Noodoe Watch acts seamlessly as an extension of your smartphone.

What is Time River?

Most smartwatches have so many features squeezed onto a tiny screen that practical notifications about missed calls, messages, email, and calendar appointments are scattered across different corners of the menu tree. Noodoe is different – we’ve invented Time River to show you everything at a glance. To see your Time River, simply flip your wrist.

How long does the battery on Noodoe Watch last?

Put it on in the morning, and you'll never worry about running out of juice throughout the day, regardless of how intensively you use your Noodoe. For most people, a single charge will provide multiple days of typical usage.

Is Noodoe Watch waterproof?

You can take it to the beach or to the swimming pool. You can even take a quick dip without removing your Noodoe watch. It’s tested for IPX7, which means it will continue to keep on ticking even after spending up to 30 minutes in up to 1 meter of water.

How much does Noodoe Watch weigh?

You will hardly feel it on your wrist – at 25 grams it is truly lightweight.

What material is used to make the strap of Noodoe?

The strap is made of Bayer 9370 TPU, a material professionally used for medical applications. Unlike conventional alternatives, Bayer 9370 TPU is hydrolysis resistant, microbe resistant, and has high moisture vapour transmission.

Who is behind Noodoe?

Noodoe is founded by John Wang, former Chief Marketing Officer of HTC. He joined HTC in 2003 in its early days, and by 2005 founded HTC’s Magic Labs, an innovation center for the creation of market-ready breakthrough products. This was part of his carefully crafted brand building approach together with a push to transform the corporate culture at HTC to put a much greater emphasis on the end user. It was these changes that were instrumental in bringing success to HTC, and reaching Interbrand’s list of top 100 global brands for 2011. In 2013, Wang established Noodoe with the goal of making innovation meaningful in our lives, starting with the challenging quest to redefine what smartwatches should be.

What motivated the creation of Noodoe?

In a world that is populated with objects of instant gratification, we want to offer something very different – a ticket to rediscover your inner creativity. Instead of following what's popular, we want you to think, to imagine, and to create something simple yet 100% YOURS. Watch the video.

When will Noodoe Watch ship?

The watch will ship in this year’s fourth quarter. Order now.

Noodoe at a Glance

Processor: ARM® Cortex®-M based processor
Display: Lumina Skin
Battery: Lithium-ion polymer battery
Up to 7 days between charges
USB charging cable included
Weight: 25 grams
Waterproof: IXP7 Waterproof
up to 30 min
1m deep
System Requirements: Bluetooth 4.0
Android 4.3 or higher
iOS 7.0 or higher (comin soon)
Dimensions: 11-24mm wide
130mm to 200mm long

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  • Single Watch
  • $ 169

    *Excl. VAT and Shipping
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  • $ 299

    *Excl. VAT and Shipping
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